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CSTM manufactures complex custom made sheet metal products in short series for the innovative projects of our performing clients. If you have a project in mind, we provide the expertise to support your design department in establishing the feasibility of your ideas.

With over 30 years of experience, we understand the urgency that comes with starting new projects. That’s why we keep our word and ensure that our deadlines are respected. We send you our quotes in less than 16h, guaranteed.

Experts in your field, we are in the manufacturing of sheet metal products and we can save you time and money. CNC punching and laser cutting, one technology or another, to make your prototypes, optimize your production; the best solution for your needs. Precision bending, our most precious expertise.

More importantly our state of the art equipment and the expertise of our skilled and creative workforce will allow you to go further.

Need mechanical assembly? We are familiar with and have the equipment to crimp PEM type hardware and we offer different rivets, rive-nuts, spot welding as well as stud welding.

In terms of quality, we are certified Mach 2 (Aero-Montreal). By respecting our procedures and using the necessary specialized equipment, we assure you of a result to your satisfaction.

Because we believe that everyone should be a specialist in their field, we have developed a network of collaborators to complete the painting, plating, silkscreen printing and engraving of your future products.


Tell us about your challenges, they interest us.

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